Daniel Martins

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Daniel Martins

CEO, Color artist, Film director

I am redheaded, yes, from birth. I am “self-taught” with great help from google and I like to go always acquiring new knowledge. I am passionate about art, technology, video, photography, sports, animals, science, space, essentially life in general.

I had my first computer at the age of 17, I bought the parts and assembled it myself. At 18 I was a computer technician, at 19 bought the first camera, at 20 I started working for a photography shop, at 21 I decided to become a freelancer. I grew up, learning and falling in love. At 23 I founded together with Marta the Creative Lemons, the most challenging project to date. We were 2, then 3, and we continued to grow, to learn, to fall love. Now at 27 I can say that I can count on a great team of professionals, who I love, that every day learn and every day teach me something new.