1-50 um cinquenta

Branding, Web Design


1-50 name recalls the scale of a topographic map and should be read one fifty. This company provides services in topographical surveys, stake out, calculations, financial consulting, insurance brokerage, and real estate. Thus, 1-50 needed a visual identity that could convey this versatility. We decided to use elements related topography, the main area, across the brand communication. We also created all brand applications and a responsive website following the same language. Images were customized with graphics that made a connection with the brand. Icons were also created to represent each service provided by 1-50.


1-50 Iconography
1-50 Level Curves
1-50 Paper Mockup
1-50 Cards Mockup
1-50 Red Bar
1-50 Identity Mockup
1-50 cracha Mockup
1-50 Paper Mockup
1-50 Website Photo
1-50 Website Title
1-50 Desktop Mockup
1-50 Browser Mockup
1-50 Mobile Mockup
1-50 Web Mockup

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