Bogalha is an institution based in Braga. Provides services in the areas of education, leisure activities, home support,
and social action.
We needed to develop a brand identity for Bogalha. It had to show confidence and the idea of services that the company offers.
We made an identity pack, posters, and stickers for windows and vehicles. We also created Bogalha’s institutional website.

Bogalha Logo Composition
Bogalha Typography
Bogalha Header
Bogalha Stationary
Bogalha Contact Cards
Color Bar
Bogalha Color Variation
Bogalha Header logos
Bogalha Posters
Bogalha Poster
Bogalha Stickers
Bogalha Stickers
Bogalha Stickers for Trucks
Bogalha outdoor
Bogalha Glass Sticks
Bogalha Sticker Detail
Bogalha TV
Bogalha Website Mockup
Bogalha phone mockup

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