Hot Air Balloons Festival

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Hot Air Balloon Festival

The 19th international Rubis Gás Hot Air Balloon Festival took place at Alter do Chão and Fronteira, Alentejo, Portugal.
We gathered the incredible dynamics of this event and the beautiful landscape of Alentejo to our 360º production to create this fantastic immersive experience. We wanted to create something new, something different. We wanted the user to feel like a balloon, floating in the air. There were some challenges we needed to face so that the final result filled out our measures. We had two main difficulties. The first one was stabilizing the cameras. The second was removing in post-production the support that was attached to the balloon. Both were accomplished with success. This allowed us to deliver a final work that we are proud of and let the user see the event in a different perspective.

Note: Youtube and Facebook don’t yet support 360º videos in all browsers. If you were unable to watch this video in your browser, please try to watch it through Google Chrome.


Hot Air Ballons Mockup

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