NST Apparel

NST Apparel

Promotional Video and Photography


NST Apparel, from Paredes, is the fourth factory of a multinational group. Right now employs approximately seven thousand workers. It is subcontracted by luxury brands to produce pieces that later shine in the most prestigious runways in the world.
Our focus was to produce a video that was different from what is usually seen in the textile industry. The video starts with a geographic location of the factory. Throughout the video, we show various tasks that are part of the day-to-day of this industry.
The musical choice was essential for the final work. It allowed us to create dynamic video pieces alternated with smooth transitions, that allowed the plans to breathe. To create an immersive experience we overlapped environment sounds on the soundtrack.
On a photographic level, we highlight the final product, beautiful garments that are above all well-built. We chose here to use the factory as background scenario.


NST Video Still
NST Video Still
NST Video Still


NST Photo 1
NST Photo 2
NST Photo 3

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