Website, Video, Motion Graphics, Icon Set and 3D Modeling


The project for the Q-Better covered several areas.
It was intended a promotional video for Bloom presentation, a waiting queue management system. By presenting the various system components we give to the client a quick understanding.
For video recording, a pharmacy, where the Q-Better implemented bloom, was the background.
Q-Better also needed an institutional website, that had to follow the current trends. We built the website using the blocks method. It is an easy way to manage the content and maintain well organized and the end user can access the content easily.
We also created a set of icons that are used both on the website and in the catalog.
Finally, we built a 3D model of a possible stand for exhibitions.


Q-Better Website Mockup
Q-Better Website Mockup


Q-Better Icons
Q-Better Catalog
Q-Better Tri-fold Flyer


Q-Better Bloom Photo
Q-Better Bloom Photos

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