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Uber Sessions

Uber Sessions are a set of 360º experiences of Portuguese bands playing one of their songs inside a Mini Clubman. These experiences were filmed in Porto and Lisbon, the two focus points of Uber in Portugal. A total of 5 bands / artists participated in these Uber Sessions.

Given the Mini dimensions, some difficulties emerged in video and audio capture logistics. To be able to hide the most of the location and presence of the cameras, we installed them in the panorama roof. We created a special support with contingencies to ensure proper connection between the cameras.

The car vibrations made the connection between cameras more evident. This was our main difficulty. Cameras overheating also led to interventions in the middle of recording. To recreate the environment with the greatest quality the audio capture logistic became complex.

In the final result, the desired atmosphere was achieved by reducing the Mini vibrations.

#1 – Isaura- You’re All My (Heart)

#2 – Vaarwell – Perfectly Fine

#3 – Benjamim – Os Teus Passos

#4 – Best Youth – Black Eyes

#5 – Salto – Lagostas

#6 – We Bless This Mess – Joy

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